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Australian Browncoats' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Australian Browncoats

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[11 Dec 2010|02:28am]

Hey Everyone,
We're giving away (2 packs of) 2 tickets to any CreationEnt.com convention. As I'm sure most of you guys know, CreationEnt.com throws the BEST conventions!! My boyfriend and I have been to so many of their conventions and have gotten some AWESOME photo ops with the stars. Its so much fun!
We've gone to their Firefly convention every year so far. I posted some of our funny photo ops here before! We've had Jayne beating us up, Jewel stealing my boyfriend away from me, etc..... LOL...

If any of you guys are interested in entering our giveaway, please check out our video and comment!
Thanks guys & Good luck =)

Here's my fave photo op ever...hehe...:
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Mal. Guy killed me Mal... [12 Sep 2010|07:34pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Here's my latest costume, as debuted in the DragonCon 2010 Parade - that's me in the aqua, as LENORE (MR Universe's lovebot bride from SERENITY), marching in between the two Shindig Kaylee's!!!


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News from Melbourne Browncoats [20 Mar 2010|11:21am]

There's lots of news from Melbourne Browncoats over at www.melbournebrowncoats.com.

Latest posts include updates on this year's Can't Stop the Serenity event, a call for knitters to make Jayne hats for charity and a Meet & Greet on 25 March.

There's also news from the verse too. If you're a Browncoat in Melbourne, you should definitely check it out!
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Help a fellow browncoat out :) [25 Sep 2009|09:49am]

If this isn't allowed, I apologize and understand if my post gets removed.

I know this isn't related to Serenity or Firefly in any way, but I know a lot of you guys and thought you might be able to help me out.

I've recently recorded my first full length album (Go here if you'd like to hear some of my music) that will be released in the next month and a half.

I will be selling these in the hope of paying for an upcoming surgery. The goal is 500 sales, which will pay for everything, but every bit helps.

CD's will be going for $17 each plus a few bucks postage.

I'm not asking for donations because I believe I should at least have to work for it, and believe me, recording an album is no picnic, but if even a few of you guys can spare the change to make an order it would be greatly appreciated.

To place an order, email jb-cd-sales@hotmail.com with your name, shipping address, quantity and payment method (paypal or bank deposit) or for more details comment/message me here.

Thanks for the support!
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Steampunkerie will be held Sat 20th June from 9pm @ Chi Lounge [10 Jun 2009|11:33pm]

Link here

The decor has been described as "Old Shanghai opium den meets English drawing room and makes wild passionate love. Think Chesterfields, Klimt prints, carved screens and brocade covered walls."
There's an extensive cocktail and tapas menu for your enjoyment.

Places are strictly limited, so don't tarry, pick up your ticket quick smart! Entry is $25 and this includes a complimentary cocktail or two basic spirit drinks to begin your evening.

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Browncoat Booth @ Supanova [26 Mar 2009|10:37am]


Hi guys, 

A friend of mine will be running two booths at this weekend's Supanova, so I'm helping spread the word:

Are you going to be at the biggest fan event to hit Melbourne this year?
Are you a fan of Firefly, Serenity and other Sci-Fi/genre television?
Then we'll see you at SUPANOVA this weekend (March 27-29 at the Royal Showgrounds in North Melbourne - www.supanova.com.au)

Browncoats Downunder will be taking over two booths at this massive event, and spreading the Whedon joy.


Click here for more details...Collapse )
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MSN bug doing the rounds [04 Mar 2009|10:01pm]

[ mood | blah ]

If you get an MSN message that looks even slightly like this

a ahha is this you?? http://www. hi5-images.org/ images.php?==yah...man25@yahoo.com

Do not click the link. It's a malicious bit of code NOT sent to you by your friend.

Full details on removing the infection can be found at the link below.


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CSTS 2009 Promo Art Contest! [03 Feb 2009|10:35pm]


Do you love all things Serenity? Do you love doing good works? Do you have mad artistic skillz?

Then there’s probably no power in the ‘Verse more compellin’ then a request for you and your awesome creativity.

Calling all Big Damn Artistical Heroes… We’re putting the signal out to those of YOU with the guts and artistic skills necessary to create the Official Promotional Artwork for CSTS 2009.

One lucky winner will be featured on t-shirts, posters and promotional material - and we’ve got some great prizes to lure you in. Not only can you achieve world fame, but you’ll also become the proud owner of a very shiny plaque commemorating your supreme artisticness and a Serenity poster signed by the Captain himself - Nathan Fillion!

Should you accept this mission and seek to become an artistic part of the CSTS 2009 crew, you’ll have to follow the basic guidelines listed below. The reward is shiny, the cause is mighty and we’re sanguine (as in the hopeful sense of the word) that the competition will be mighty fierce… what with all the amazing and compelling art you’ll be sending in.

So saddle up, release your inner muses and submit your artwork to us today! We look forward to seeing all that positivity and creativity we know all you Browncoats have stored inside you.

And now, we’d take it as a kindness if you’d read up further on the competition guidelines. For more information please visit the forums at www.cantstoptheserenity.com.
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Euchronia NYE - only 1 week left for standard release tickets! [08 Dec 2008|03:33pm]

[ mood | busy ]

All Browncoats welcome - in point of fact, I'd venture to say, mightily encouraged!

Just a heads-up that $55 tickets are only available for one more week at all ticket outlets and online - after 15th December, tickets will be available @ $65 from selected outlets only, Wildilocks @ The Lockworks, Peril Underground, Blue Attic, and of course online, right up until NYE unless sold out. Ticket sales are really flying now, and it is even possible that standard release tickets may sell out before the 15th, so don't drag your bootheels if you were planning to leave it as late as possible, but don't want to pay third tier prices.

Keep your eye out in the mainstream media over the next couple of weeks too, you may see us appearing in some far-flung places! Our art team under the direction of the hugely talented Monica Zanchetta is coming up with some truly wondrous creations which will be transforming the venue into something out of this century. This truly is something unique and I'm not sure if Melbourne has ever seen the like - nor any other city, for that matter!

We also have one last addition to our overflowing bill, and that is the bizarre Ebenezer Schadenfreude of Petite Mort who has graciously agreed to be our Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Huzzah!

Full lineup & details under the cut, what-ho!

Read more...Collapse )

As always, apologies for any deja-vu you may be experiencing. Do not adjust your monitor. The effects will pass in a few moments.
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The Browncoats are back at Armageddon! Melbourne, 1-2 November [30 Oct 2008|08:01am]

The Browncoats are back at Armageddon! Browncoats Downunder will be back in force at the Armageddon Multimedia Expo in Melbourne this weekend (1-2 November).

Our booth is shaping up to be AWESOME! We’ve also got heaps of goodies for sale. They're cheaper than ordering in from overseas (when exchange rate and postage is factored in) and by buying from us, you're helping us to raise money for charity.

Here's a sampling of what will be available for purchase at our booth. Numbers are limited, so get in early! All sales are CASH ONLY.

* Kaylee “Shiny” Marquettes (QMX) - $80 each (very limited numbers)
* Serenity Money Packs (QMX) - $25 each
* Serenity Valley Map lithographs (QMX) - $50 each [3 only!]
* Serenity Blueprints Reference Books (QMX) - $25 each [3 only!]
* Big Damn Heroes Lithographs (QMX) - featuring Mal, Jayne, Inara & Kaylee - $20 each or $70 for full set
* Framed Big Damn Heroes Lithograph – Mal - $100 [1 only!]
* Blue Sun Travel Posters (QMX) - featuring Miranda, Londinium, Serenity Valley, Persephone and Sihnon - $20 each or $70 for full set
* Miranda / Burnham Quadrant Maps (Limited print run from QMX, not available anywhere else) - $10 each
* T-shirts - $25 each
- “Firefly” T-shirts (Mens & Womens), "Let's Be Bad Guys" T-shirts (Mens), Jayne "Public Relations" T-shirts (Mens), "Dear Buddha" T-shirts (Mens), "Browncoat / I aim to misbehave" T-shirts (Mens & Womens), "Fruity Oaty Bar" T-shirts (Mens), Mal "Big Damn Hero" T-shirts (Mens)
* Serenity Posters (US Design) - Small - $5 each, Large - $20 each
* Serenity comics with the special "California Browncoats" cover created especially for San Diego Comic-Con (Proceeds go to Kids Need to Read) - $15 each
* Serenity "Still Flyin" calico bags - $10 each
* Browncoat Lanyards - $7 each
* Browncoat Wristbands - $3 each

This year's charity is MND Victoria. Motor Neurone Disease is the name given to a group of diseases in which the nerve cells - neurones - controlling the muscles that enable us to move around, speak, breathe and swallow, fail to work normally. With no nerves to activate them, muscles gradually weaken and waste. This is the disease that took my dad a few weeks ago, after 2 years of suffering. The body slowly wastes away, while the mind is as keen as ever. Right now, there is no known cure or treatment. It affects over 350,000 of the world's population at any one time, and kills over 100,000 every year. In Australia, MND kills one person every day. Quite a few Browncoats have been touched by this disease, and with your help it is hoped that a cure can be found.

We have two raffles for MND Victoria (1 each day) with 3 prize packs going up for grabs on Saturday and another 3 prize packs on Sunday. They'll be drawn 3pm each day, so buy early and buy often! Raffle Tickets will be $3.50 each - or you can buy in bulk and SAVE - 2 for $6, 5 for $12 or 8 for $20!

First prize on each day is an autographed Serenity Poster (a US version signed by Summer Glau “River” and Nathan Fillion “Mal” on Saturday, or a German version signed by Nathan Fillion on Sunday). The other prize packs will include a range of Serenity related goodies - autographed items, mini-posters, T-shirts, a Serenity ornament, a Serenity novelization, Kaylee necklaces etc.

We will also be promoting Motor On 2009, a fantastic fundraising event that will be held in March 2009 - part cocktail party, part dance party, it'll be a night to remember!

See you there!

Armageddon Multimedia Expo - http://armageddonexpo.com/
MND Victoria - http://mnd.asn.au/
Motor On 2009 - http://www.zo-ee.com/
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Yep, here I am... [13 Oct 2008|08:56pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Hey ya'll. First time poster, just wondering if there was a Browncoat group in the Orange/Bathurst, NSW area who wouldn't mind showing a firefly/serenity fan a little browncoat spirit! Haven't been able to find a local group as of yet, so send me a wave on this here cortex if your out there

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Alan Tudyk at GenCon [30 Jun 2008|10:54am]

For those who are in, near, or far away from Brisbane this weekend, a last minute announcement has been made declaring that Alan Tudyk will be appearing at Gen Con Oz. Pre Registration at http://genconoz.com ends today, but you can buy tickets at the door, which are slightly more expensive. Alan's schedule is as follows:
SATURDAY (05/07/2008)
10.00am - 11.00am: Photography Session
11.00am - 1.00pm: Signing
1.00pm - 2.00pm: On Stage Q&A
3.00pm - 5.00pm: Signing

SUNDAY (06/07/2008)

10.00am - 11.00am: Photography Session
11.00am - 1.00: Signing
1.00pm - 2.00pm: On Stage Q&A
3.00pm - 5.00pm: Signing

I am so, so incredibly excited. I got to meet Alan at Armageddon last year, and he is just a little walking bundle of nice.
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"Can't Stop the Serenity" charity events in Oz/NZ [14 Jun 2008|03:15pm]

"Can't Stop the Serenity" charity events are happening all over Australia this year, and New Zealand too! So come along to your nearest event, enjoy a great movie, win some fantastic prizes and meet up with friends, old and new!


Adelaide, SA - Friday, 4 July 2008
Perth, WA - Saturday, 5 July 2008
Auckland, NZ - Saturday, 5 July 2008
Melbourne, VIC - Sunday, 6 July 2008
Brisbane, QLD - Sunday, 6 July 2008
Launceston, TAS - Sunday, 6 July 2008
Sydney, NSW - TBC (September)

All the details are at www.cstsanz.com

Funds raised are being donated to Equality Now. To find out more about the global event, visit www.cantstoptheserenity.com
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Can't stop the Serenity Screenings [11 Jun 2008|01:59pm]

In case people didn't know about it, they're screening Serenity in theatres for Equality now in the coming weeks!

Here is the link to the brisbane event, with the other cities linked from there http://www.cstsanz.com/brisbane/

:) W.r.t the Brisbane event, I've already emailed them (apparently they're really busy) and info about how to get tickets should be available soon. Apparently the thing is they don't have credit card facilities, so you'll probably need to have cash on the day. But we'll see.
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Tea drinker in need.. [29 May 2008|09:08pm]

I have a love of the Liptons Caramel tea. Almost an obsession you could say. It is with a sad and pining heart that I finally recieved an answer from the company about why the syuff is so very hard to find these day. They don't make it any more. Whats out there is all there is.

If anyone sees the stuff on the shelf, please grab it. I'll pay you back for your trouble. Not interested in the Vanilla or Cookies and Cream, just the Caramel. Your assistance would be hugely appreciated by a cold-turkey sufferer.
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Browncoat Ball Help! [07 May 2008|05:32am]


My name is Beth and I am the Chairman of 2008's Browncoat Ball.

I have a favor to ask: We're looking around for the best Firefly/Serenity Fan Videos out. I was wondering if you fine folks could point me in the direction of some fanvids that you love. These would be used for one of our Ball activities, and proper credit would be given.

Thanks in advance, and if you have one you'd like us to potentially use at the Ball, email me at beth at austinbrowncoats dot com.

Check out the event at: www.browncoatball.com

X-Posted to Firefly Communities
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Nathan Fillion & Ron Glass are in Oz for Mother's Day! [03 May 2008|10:26pm]

Nathan Fillion (Captain Mal Reynolds) and Ron Glass (Shepherd Book) will be spending Mother’s Day weekend in Sydney and Melbourne.

The Hub Productions Presents Serenity is a rare opportunity to meet some of your favourite cast members. The event features Q&A sessions, charity auctions, cocktail parties, merchandise sales, and opportunities for autographs and professional photographs. Renowned artist Jason Palmer will also be on hand, showcasing his wonderful Firefly/Serenity inspired artwork (www.jasonpalmer.net)

Sydney – 10 May - The Embassy Conference Centre, 826 George Street, Sydney
Melbourne – 11 May - The Spring Street Theater, Level 2/1 Spring Street, Melbourne

Tickets are limited and selling fast, so don’t miss your chance to catch up with the Captain and the Shepherd. Go to www.thehubproductions.com or call 02 9874 7171.

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Brisbane Browncoats? [28 Mar 2008|10:23pm]

Hi all,

Is there a Brisbane Browncoats group?? 
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Firefly Prompt-A-Thon [10 Mar 2008|01:57pm]

The Firefly Prompt-A-Thon is now open!

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Can’t Stop the Serenity Charity Screenings in 2008 – Volunteers Wanted [26 Jan 2008|10:07pm]

2008 is finally here! And with it is another year of ‘Can’t Stop the Serenity’ charity screenings.

If you’re not familiar with ‘Can’t Stop the Serenity’ (CSTS), this is a global charity event centered around screenings of ‘Serenity’. It all began in 2006, when 47 cities across the world held events to raise money for human rights organisation, ‘Equality Now’. Over US$65,000 was raised in that first year. The event continued in 2007, with 46 cities raising over US$115,000. In 2008, the goal is US$150,000 with 55 cities set to participate.

Since it’s beginnings, Australian Browncoats have been a key part of events. And in 2008, we would like to see this tradition continue. We hope to have events happening across Australia on 4-6 July 2008.

To help things along, we have formed a CSTS Australia & New Zealand Coordination Team (CSTS ANZ). We have already lined up lots of amazing auction items for participating cities, and our aim is to help make the process as easy as possible for each area by assisting with media, promotion, logistics and planning.

If you are interested in joining the CSTS Australia & New Zealand Coordination Team, or would like to help organise an event in your area, please email CSTS.ANZ@gmail.com.

We will be hosting a group chat session on Sunday 3 February at 8pm to answer any questions and to do some brainstorming. Please let us know if you’re interested in attending and we will provide you with access information.

We look forward to seeing you all at ‘Can’t Stop the Serenity 2008’!

Keep flying,

Jen Cummings
CSTS Australia & New Zealand
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